How Choice ?

New string
A ůaster, please


Tuning. How choice ?

That being said, there are no absolute rules for for this instrument 

Tunings the octave mandolin and the 8 strings bouzouki :

GDAE by leaving the gravest most pointed verse (it is my case) It is the tuning of the mandolin, an octave subordinate of or the name "Octave Mandolin" 
This tuning to be able to as well alternate between the game(set,play) melodique that the game(set,play) in brushed chords.
GDAD = Fantastic for the accompaniment in traditionnal music but less for melodic. To avoid playing with a capo, it is necessary to know how to play in all the tones, and some chords are too strech without capo
ADAD = Favorit tuning of Jamie McMenemy 

 ( Kornog, Battlefield Band),

This tuning is a drop of D. You must use the capo. Ideal for the play with fingers, big possibilities of opened chords. it has its counterpart in C GCGC 
CGDA tuning of Mandocello .The same tuning as the cello
There is height of the others else, among which some with the possibility of using octaves strings. Bitter, any depend of the use which we plan to make and nothing prevents to pass of the one has the other one.